“Pérez’s Mimì is beautifully nuanced and stimulating; whenever she sings her arias she delivers a soothing tone that immediately draws the audience in. Especially her rendition of “Sì, mi chiamano Mimì” is absolutely stunning.”

Broadway World

“American soprano Ailyn Pérez’s Mimi is well-matched to Flórez’s Rodolfo. She brings an inner stillness to the part and the darker almost husky hues of her voice added depth and spirituality to her characterisation of a part that can tip over into the mawkish but never did. The rendition of her introductory aria ‘Si, Mi chiamano Mimi’ was effortlessly sublime and well-characterised giving us a sense of her backstory.”

London Unattached

“American soprano Ailyn Pérez took on the role of Mimi here… she sang with utter exquisiteness… Much of her score, notably in her “Si, Mi Chiamano Mimi” aria was infused with wonderful elements of sotto voce that still managed to rise above the orchestra and permeate the theatre.

Her interactions with Marcello in Act three where she comes to seek his help in ending her relationship with Rodolfo are glorious and evocative, and her “Donde lieta usci,” her farewell to her lover when he finally emerges from the Tavern, was unequivocally moving… Her scenes in Act four, with her final utterances, “Qui, amor…sempre con te! Le mani…al caldo… e dormire”, were particularly heart-rending.”