“Pérez is, appropriately, the uncontested star: wistful, tender and sincere, her voice not enormous but generously delivered, her high notes glistening.”

The New York Times

“Ailyn Pérez has no trouble in the role of a famous soprano whose singing just might turn back time…”


“Ailyn Pérez… s’affirme vocalement dans sa partie technique difficile. Elle sait jouer des suraigus avec fréquence, et attaquer les aigus par le-dessus pour en assurer l’accroche, avant de les vibrer et de les arrondir… Le reste des notes et de la tessiture offre une sonorité en rondeur et chaleureuse.”


“The final scene involves a transformation from the physical to the spiritual which is equal to any in opera and something which this production captured perfectly. Pérez, alone on stage and attired in an iridescent black gown, was at her most compelling giving voice to Florencia’s fear of never again seeing Cristóbal. Suddenly she was transformed into a beautiful butterfly with the appearance of softly, fluttering wings as luminous as her singing. As her spirit hovered off to join his in the jungle, the effect was simply magical.”

New York Classical Review

“Soprano Ailyn Perez, in the title role, often sounded potent and carried off the glamor as well as the magical realism part (especially the devastatingly beautiful ending, with her transmogrification into a butterfly)…”

Broadway World