where Ailyn Pérez tries in vain to intercede for Ernani. We have not understood at all the disputes at the first performance because the singer played the part with precision and intensity. “

– Fabio Tranchida, the speaking trill

“Ailyn Pérez (Elvira) who boasts a beautiful timbre and remarkable agility and who does not disfigure at all in a high level cast that has in Franceso Meli (Ernani) and in the bottom Ildar Abrazakov (Silva) two diamond points for interpretative thickness .. . “

– Enrico Girardi, Corriere della Serra

“a powerful voice and a recognizable timbre.”

– Nicola Bano, Teatrionline

“Ailyn Pérez is the owner of one of the world’s most beautiful sopranos. The tone is juicy and full and she capped the ensemble lines gloriously. She attacked her big Act 1 cavatina ‘Ernani involami’ with enthusiasm.”

– Operatraveller.com

“She has a strong, agile soprano and was most effective in the cabaletta,” Tutto sprezzo che d’Ennani “in which she showed off her sparkling vocal dexterity, coloring and power, and in the ensemble pieces, such as in the duet with Ernani “No, more terrible revenge,” her voice complementing and matching Meli’s powerful tenor, and soaring above the orchestra with apparent ease. “

-Alan Neilson, Operawire

“With Elvira, Ailyn Pérez, a lyric soprano familiar to American audiences, ventures into new and weightier vocal territory. Previously, her Verdi roles have included Violetta in  La traviata  and not much else. But Elvira’s music, like so much of Verdi, owes much to the bel canto tradition, and Pérez’s flexible voice skillfully dealt with the role’s florid challenges, while its handsome, if not plush, timbre was appealingly projected in sustained passages. “

-George Loomis, The New Criterion

“After the storm of the” first “, frank success is also smiled at the Elvira of Ailyn Pérez, who has overcome with great enthusiasm the difficulty of a party that could put in difficulty an exquisitely lyrical soprano like her who was very good both in descent to the grave that, above all in the agility faced with fluency and with perfect musical and stylistic adherence. Moreover, even as an interpreter she seemed very involved and heartfelt. “

-Andrea Merli the Theaters of the East … and beyond