Ailyn Pérez makes her debut with the Washington Concert Opera on April 7, starring in the captivating role of Magda in Puccini’s La Rondine. This year marks the commemoration of the 100th anniversary of Puccini’s death. The opera unfolds the tale of Magda, a young woman who finds herself enamored with Ruggero, a tender-hearted youth. Despite their fervent love, societal norms and Magda’s past come back to haunt them, leading to a bittersweet conclusion.

A favorite role for Pérez, she recently captivated audiences at Teatro di San Carlo as Magda, with Operawire hailing “Ailyn Pérez has one of the best lyrical voices nowadays, with a sweet dark velvet quality, equality throughout her whole register, a strong ringing voice projection, and an astonishing breath technique that enables her to produce magical pianissimi even all throughout her instrument. Her voice and personality matched Magda perfectly.”

Joining Pérez on stage are Mario Chang as Ruggero Lastouc, Deanna Breiwick as Lisette, Jonathan Johnson as Prunier, Javier Arrey as Rombaldo, Tess Ottinger as Yvette, Natalie Conte as Bianca, and Melanie Ashkar as Suzy.

Photo: Chris Singer