“Perez’s lyric soprano is pure and honeyed in tone, and she deploys it with elegance and tenderness … Perez is also a natural actress, embodying both Juliette’s girlish high spirits and her growing maturity under the influence of love.”
Associated Press, February 2011 [Opera Company of Philadelphia]

“Pérez captured the persona, with insouciance and glamor. Her voice has coloratura brightness and richer color than ever before.”
– Opera Critic, February 2011 [Opera Company of Philadelphia]

“An exceptionally pretty Juliet, Perez had a voice that was surprisingly large for someone so petite.”
– Opera Magazine, August 2010 [San Diego Opera]

“Juliet is sung by American soprano Ailyn Pérez, who, surprisingly for such a small woman, has a big, powerful, beautiful, lyrical and endlessly supple voice. She is lovely to look at, a fine actress, and looks to be the absolute star of the show … Pérez also sings, to great effect and with no apparent difficulty, Juliet’s “poison” aria, which is sometimes cut because it’s beyond the abilities of sopranos with less powerful voices.”
San Diego News Network, March 2010 [San Diego Opera]

“A cast of vocally robust young singers, lithe and animated direction, and lush orchestral support make this Romeo and Juliet a rewarding, even exciting night at the opera…Pérez won over the open-night audience with her sparkling “Je veux vivre” aria, establishing immediately her coloratura credentials and her character’s volatile nature.”
– San Diego Arts, March 2010 [San Diego Opera]