“… the Met has lined up an exceptional cast headlined by its two leading ladies … In the role of Musetta, Ailyn Pérez, who recently won the Beverely Sills Award, returned to the Met in one of the most charismatic and show-stopping Musetta’s in recent Met seasons. From the moment she entered the Met stage her Musetta bristled with lots of energy. She flirted with the towns people, with the soldiers and at the same time made sure to put the pressure on Alcindoro, destroying plates and throwing menus. In her famous waltz “Quando Me’n vo’,” Pérez relished the moment as she sat in between soldiers, seducing each one. Her lush soprano voice caressed each phrase making it evident that she was easily having fun with the role. There was a sensual feel to her rubati throughout the aria and the gentle approach to some of the phrases.

In the third act, Pérez showed some more comedic timing as she danced and tripped her Marcello. But this was all combined with vocal fireworks as her soprano soared in the climax to the famed quartet “Dunque Propio e finito.” In the final act, Pérez dispatched the monologue “Madonna Benedetta,” with subtle intensity almost as if she was speaking. This was a heartwarming moment that showed another side to Musetta. Pérez and her Macrello, Levente Molnar, added a sense of urgency as they began making a remedy for the sick Mimi. This simple action helped flesh out her character and added a sense of kindness and commitment often missing in other portrayals.”

Francisco Salazar – Latin Post