“The star of the evening, however, was the American soprano Ailyn Pérez , who maintained a high level of vocal artistry throughout the evening…Korngold’s vocal lines, and his broad vocal arches, found a perfect match in the singer – who impressed with the well-executed legato, great volume, and a forte that seamlessly carried over an orchestra in full tutti. The highlight of her performance, due in part to the beautiful music, was the final aria, Ich ging zu ihm, from the opera Das Wunder der Heliane.  The overall excellent impression of Pérez was confirmed in Strauss’s Vier Letzte Lieder. It was obvious that the vocal selection of the evening, carried by the noble lyrics – even with Korngold already bordering on the kitsch – was an exceptional match for the singer’s voice and type.”

Ivan Žáček, Harmonie Online

“And Ailyn Pérez? She is among the singers whose voices are perfectly connected with Strauss’s songs with all of its magic, color and expression. An extraordinary event!”

-Petr Veber, KlasikaPlus.cz

“He [Korngold] was an excellent match for Ailyn Pérez and her full, vibrant, dramatic soprano voice, which was soft and distinctive at the same time. She dominated the big romantic stormy orchestra (PKF-Prague Philharmonia) with long vocal lines that were sung with carefully staggered dynamics, adding to an impressive performance.

… let’s return to the interpretation of the Four Last Songs: Ailyn Pérez sang with great feeling and understanding, and with heart; the dynamics rose and fell with every verse, as exemplified in the charming finale September (“… slowly shuts her big tired eyes ” ). Her expression works so naturally and convincingly that you do not consider the details of technical mastery, just as it should be. Just let yourself be carried away with poetry and the beauty of the experience. (By the way, she had excellent German pronunciation and clear diction).

After meeting with journalists after the concert, I found her down to earth, cordial and modest on a personal level, and it would be a shame not to see her again in our country for another similar occasion.”

-Svatava Barančicová, Opera+

Photo credit: Milan Mošna